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1、知识是从刻苦劳动中得来的,任何成就都是刻苦劳动的结果。——宋庆龄Knowledge derived from hard labor, any achievement is the result of hard work。

2、完善的新人应该是在劳动之中和为了劳动而培养起来的。——欧文Perfect bride and groom should be in the labor and fostered for labor。

3、既然思想存在于劳动之中,人就要靠劳动而生存。——苏霍姆林斯基Now that thought exists in labor, people will live on labor。

4、脱离劳动就是犯罪。——列夫·托尔斯泰From the labor is a crime。

5、谁肯认真地工作,谁就能做出许多成绩,就能超群出众。——恩格斯Who is willing to work seriously, who can make a lot of achievements, can be superb。

6、要工作,要勤劳:劳作是最可靠的财富。——拉·封丹To work, and to hard-working, work is the wealth of the most reliable。

7、灵感,不过是“顽强地劳动而获得的奖赏”。——列宾Inspiration, but is "tenacious labor for reward"。

8、在人的生活中最主要的是劳动训练。没有劳动就不可能有正常的人的生活。——卢梭In one's life is the most important of labor training。 No work, there can be no normal person's life。

9、劳动可以使身体得到休息,劳动可以使精神得到休息。——俾斯麦Labor can make the body rest, the work can make a mental rest。

10、劳动却是产生一切力量、一切道德和一切幸福的威力无比的源泉。——拉·乔乃尼奥里Labor is all power, all moral and powerful source of happiness。

11、劳动是人类存在的基础和手段,是一个人在体格、智慧和道德上臻于完善的源泉。——乌申斯基Labor is the foundation of human existence and means, is a person in the physical, the source of wisdom and morally perfect。

12、劳动是财富之父,土地是财富之母。——威廉·配第Labor is the father of wealth, land is the mother of wealth。

13、一切都靠一张嘴来做而丝毫不实干的人,是虚伪和假仁假义的。——德谟克利特Everything depends on a mouth to do and have no man of action, are false and hypocritical。

14、体力劳动是防止一切社会病毒的伟大的消毒剂。——马克思Physical labor is to prevent the virus society great disinfectant。

15、培育能力的事必须继续不断地去做,又必须随时改善学习方法,提高学习效率,才会成功。——叶圣陶To foster ability must continue to do, and must improve the learning method, at any time to improve the learning efficiency, will succeed。

16、幻想是丝毫没有害处的,它甚至能支持和加强劳动者的毅力。——皮萨列夫Fantasy is no harm in, it may even be able to support and strengthen the laborer of perseverance。

17、道德能帮助人类社会升到更高的水平,使人类社会摆脱劳动剥削制。——列宁Morality can help human society rises to a higher level, make the human society to get rid of labor exploitation system。

18、人在自己的劳动中创造自己并理解劳动的美。——苏霍姆林斯基People in creating their own labor and understand the beauty of labor。 (美词网 meici.net)

19、有总是从无开始的;是靠两只手和一个聪明的脑袋变出来的。——松苏内吉There are always free from the start; Is to rely on two hands and a clever head。

20、我知道什麽是劳动:劳动是世界上一切欢乐和一切美好事情的源泉。——高尔基I know what is the labor: labor is the source of all joy and all good things in the world。

21、劳动和人,人和劳动,这是所有真理的父母亲。——苏霍姆林斯基Labor and people, people and labor, it is the parents all truth。

22、锄禾日当午,汗滴禾下土。谁知盘中餐,粒粒皆辛苦!——李绅Hoe grain to be noon for day, began sweating grain soils。 Behold dishes, each all pain!

23、一个有真正大才能的人却在工作过程中感到最高度的快乐。——歌德A true great man of talent is in the process of work feel most happy。

24、只有人的劳动才是神圣的。——高尔基Only man's labor is holy。

25、任何一种不为集体利益打算的行为,都是自杀的行为,它对社会有害。——马卡连柯Any a kind not to going to the behavior of the collective interests, are suicidal behavior, it is harmful to society。

26、持续不断地劳动是人生的铁律,也是艺术的铁律。——巴尔扎克Continue to labor is the iron law of life, is also the iron law of art。

27、当劳动是种快乐时,生活是美的;当劳动是一种责任时,生活就是奴役。——高尔基When work is a kind of happiness, life is beautiful。 When work is a duty, life is slavery。

28、劳动永远是人类生活的基础,是创造人类文化幸福的基础。——马卡连柯Labor is the foundation of human life, forever is the basis of the creates happiness in the human culture。

29、劳动可以使我们摆脱三大灾祸:寂寞恶习贫困。——歌德Labor can make us get rid of the three major disaster: lonely habit of poverty。

30、人生的意志和劳动将创造奇迹般的奇迹。——涅克拉索夫The will of life and labor will create miracle of miracles。

31、人生的最大快乐,是自己的劳动得到了成果。——谢党哉The greatest happiness in life, is your own labor got results。

32、劳动是社会中每个人不可避免的义务。——卢梭Labor is the duty of everyone in the society inevitably。

33、我们世界上最美好的东西,都是由劳动、由人的聪明的手创造出来的。——高尔基Our most beautiful things in the world is created by labor, by the people's clever hands。

34、正如树枝和树干连接在一起那样,脱离树干的树枝很快就会枯死。——奥涅格As tree trunks and branches together, from the branches of the trunk will die soon。

35、所有现存的好东西都是创造的果实。——米尔Good all existing things are created by the fruit。

36、应该记住,我们的事业,需要的是手,而不是嘴。——童第周Should keep in mind that our cause, needs is a hand, rather than the mouth。

37、劳动使人建立对自己的理智力量的信心。——高尔基Labor makes people to establish confidence in his intellectual power。